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Guitar Mastery Method VIP Club
Sorry - The VIP Club Is CLOSED...
Due to the nature of the VIP Club, there are very limited spaces available, and unfortunately, general registration is currently closed.

If you would like to join, keep reading:
What Is The GMM VIP Club?
The Guitar Mastery Method VIP Club is an exclusive small group of guitarists of all levels that are looking to get extraordinary results with their guitar playing in short amounts of time. It comes with a monthly membership investment.

Spaces are limited and invitations are only sent out to members who have joined one of Guitar Mastery Method's online guitar lesson courses.
What Do Members Receive?
Guitar Mastery Method VIP Club members receive interactive, in-depth live lessons every month from professional guitarists & instructors in the Guitar Mastery Method VIP Club training team. Members also enjoy the benefit of access to every single course that Guitar Mastery Method has ever released, as well as extra bonuses only available to VIP Club members.
Do I Qualify?
As mentioned, general registration is closed, but if you are a member of our community, you own at least one of our courses, and you would like to request a private invitation to join the VIP Club...please email "support [at]" letting us know what you would like to achieve with your guitar playing and what you can personally add to our community.

Please include information about your guitar playing experience and a brief bio about yourself.

Private applications are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and an invitation IS NOT guaranteed.

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