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Ultimate Guitarist Blueprint
Welcome To The Ultimate Guitarist Blueprint.

From Guitar Instructor, Eddie Haddad,
Sunday, March 14th, 2021
Nashville, Tennessee

Dear fellow guitarist. 

The fact you’re here, right now, with me, reading this message means one thing and one thing only…

You’re still searching.

You’re searching for a guitar solution. Something to slay the frustrations, the dead-ends, the lack of progress that’s threatening to end your guitar dreams… forever.

You want something that just works, right? A well-lit path that's easy to follow, and will finally have you playing effortlessly, cooly, and confidently in front of your friends, family, and future bandmates.

A blueprint to guaranteed success, if you will.

And you’re not alone! 20 years ago I was in your shoes, desperately wanting someone to show me the ropes. But such a blueprint didn’t exist back then...

So instead, I did it the hard way. I endured thousands of hours of lessons, studio recordings, and playing live on-stage in the most pressure-packed environments…To ultimately succeed as a professional musician, teacher and session guitarist.

And after years in the music industry, it finally dawned on me…

What if I could go back in time, and teach my younger self EVERYTHING I know now?

We all wish we could do that, right? Fast-track our success, eliminate years of futility and make ourselves even better now!

But unfortunately, time travel still doesn’t exist. So instead of going back to teach my former self…

...I’m going to teach you.

So welcome to your blueprint to success. Six months in the making, this is everything you'll ever need to know about playing your guitar, in one incredible, ultimate package.

Eddie Haddad Rocking Out

The problem you face causes guitar players just like you to…
  • Feel like your fingers don’t keep up with your brain
  • Make your hands out of sync and always hit wrong strings
  • Have a lack of accuracy with finger placement on the fretboard
  • Have a difficult time stretching your fingers across the frets
  • And become frustrated when your fingers won’t work fast enough
If you, are like me. You have such a great passion for music, it fills your heart.

But the worst part is that if you’re suffering from what I just mentioned, your guitar, the one thing that is supposed to help you experience that passion on a deeper level, and be able to share it with your friends, family and fans…

Just leaves you feeling wounded and frustrated.
And when it comes time to play in front of someone, your confidence goes out the window...

Your hands shake uncontrollably, and as soon as you hit one wrong note, you’re left feeling humiliated.

But there is a solution…
Because of scientific breakthroughs and understanding of how to develop stronger links between the brain and the body...

Guitar players all around the world are using the wickedly effective process called “Rapid Muscle Programming” to...
If you’re a guitar player struggling to sync up your hands and play guitar at the level you really want, please know this…

Your lack of success isn’t because you aren’t practicing the right things.

Or because your fingers are too old or too short,
And it’s not because you’re not spending enough time practicing.
  • Feel like your fingers don’t keep up with your brain
  • Make your hands out of sync and always hit wrong strings
  • Have a lack of accuracy with finger placement on the fretboard
  • Have a difficult time stretching your fingers across the frets
  • And become frustrated when your fingers won’t work fast enough
  • ​Get increased hand stretch so you can reach down the fretboard without always having to move your hand up and down the neck
  • ​Have lightning fast finger speed & control so you can play any song & solo at full speed
  • ​Gain perfect accuracy with notes, so your chords, riffs and solos sound clean, clear & professional
  •  Develop powerful hand strength for barre chords, bends & vibrato so everything you play is effortless
  • ​Get perfect hand synchronization so you’re always fretting and picking the right string so every single note sounds great
  • ​And much, much more…
And the best part is, guitarists are using their new-found skills that Rapid Muscle Programming is giving them to:
But I’m getting ahead of myself…
Introducing - Ultimate Guitarist Blueprint.
You now have, in your hands, a step-by-step, easy-to-follow 7 module guide that covers every single thing you’ll ever need to know about playing the guitar. Yes, everything!

It’s all here and it’s easy to follow.

Every lesson is broken into easily digestible sizes and filmed in HD with multiple camera angles. It’s complete with guided reference material in printable PDF format, so you can progress at the speed that suits you.

And I make this easy. You’ll understand exactly how each lesson works, so the results come thick and fast. You’ll be impressed with your own playing in no time!

The new and improved you is going to love how these lessons utterly transform your playing, in any style you want.

So, what’s in the course? Take a look -
Ultimate Guitarist Blueprint
Testimonial from Doug
“This course is SO well organised. I’ve been playing for 45 years and I’ve just never had anybody show me this stuff!”
- Doug Hubbard
Testimonial from Johnny
“Inside the Ultimate Guitarist Blueprint I got an invaluable piece of the puzzle, something no one at Berklee College of Music bothered to mention... Thank you sir, it has helped me create a slew of new licks in a very short time” 
- Johnny Pesnall
Testimonial from Glyn
“The Ultimate Guitarist Blueprint is a total instruction manual for the guitar, and it’s well worth it. I just wish it was there 50 years ago. Life might have been a little different!”
- Glyn Gordon
The Ultimate Guitarist Blueprint Is Cut Up Into 7 Power-Packed Modules 
Module 1 - The Ultimate Intro
Module 1 - The Ultimate Intro
If aliens landed on earth, and you had to explain what a guitar was to save the planet? You would show them this video!

Here, I explain every element that makes up a guitar - the body, the fretboard, how to tune it, the individual strings, how to read tablature and more. So if you have any questions about that wonderful instrument you’re holding, simply watch these videos. You’ll have no fear once we’re done.
Module 1 - The Ultimate Intro
Module 2 - The Ultimate Basics
Module 2 - The Ultimate Basics
These are the essentials. 15 information-packed lessons that cover every-single-thing you could ever want to know from the moment you first pick up a guitar.

From how to strum, to playing open chords, fingerpicking, power chords, alternate picking, bends, slides and more - When you finish this module you’ll have poured concrete into the foundations of your guitar-playing future.

You’ll be rock-solid, technique-perfect and super confident for what lies ahead.
Module 3 - Tips To Develop Hand Strength And Technique
Module 3 - Tips To Develop Hand Strength And Technique
Welcome to the guitar gym! These fun workouts are crucial for adding strength and dexterity to your fingers, and will guarantee a lifetime of playing satisfaction.

Stretching and warming up before you play is essential for your hand health, and this module will give you lessons you can keep for life.

And unlike the alpha-dogs who deadlift the heaviest weights in the gym, we’ll be working with the perfect technique the entire time.

I’m going to make you faster, stronger, more nimble, while having a blast along the way. And we end with a challenge that’ll make you realize just how far you’ve come. Are you ready?
Module 3 - Tips To Develop Hand Strength And Technique
Module 4 - Must-know Guitar Theory
Module 4 - Must-know Guitar Theory
If you’ve ever felt intimidated by the ‘T’ word, fear not!

I break ‘theory’ down for you in easy, simple-to-follow steps that will make playing your guitar so much easier.

From scales to chords, naming the notes, root notes, relative major and minor chords, all the way up to how to improvise(!), this easy theory module is broken down into easily digestible, bite-sized chunks that will fast track your guitar knowledge and make you the smartest player in the room.

Remember, theory is just a tool we use in order to speak the language of music, and by the time you’re done with this module it’ll be like you’re speaking the musical equivalent of Spanish, Latin and French.
Module 5 - Theory EXTENDED
Module 5 - Theory EXTENDED
With exactly ZERO time spent writing down weird notes and numbers, and ALL your time playing your guitar, this is a street-theory lesson that’ll make you wish you knew this information years ago.

If you’ve never understood the much-feared ‘modes’? Then welcome to your lightbulb moment. All 7 modes are laid out in a new, revolutionary way that’ll have you thinking “wait, this is MUCH easier than I thought!”

We’ll also cover arpeggios, chromatic scales and the CAGED system.

This is next-level stuff without the nonsense, jargon and intimidation. Your ability to have a musical conversation with anybody will be sky-high.

Module 5 - Theory EXTENDED
Module 6 - How To Learn Songs Quickly
Module 6 - How To Learn Songs Quickly
Listen to any song and then play it accurately and quickly – this is a dream for many, and it’s a skill you’ll soon have!

I show you what to listen for, how to memorize a song or solo, and ultimately how to start jamming with a friend, band or backing track.

Once you master this skill (and you will) it’s the ultimate party trick. You’ll feel like a magician who knows how to pull a rabbit out of a hat, leaving your audience gobsmacked at your ability to play any song at will.
Module 7 - Pro Guitar Tricks And Tools
Module 7 - Pro Guitar Tricks And Tools
Time for the pro-level techniques that’ll melt the brain of anyone who listens to you play.

Sweep picking, tapping, harmonics and loads more make you a master of your fretboard. These techniques truly separate the weekend warriors from the ultimate guitarists.

You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of your gear with insights on your amp settings, pedal set up and more.

By now you’re unrecognizable as a guitarist, and sounding sensational.
Module 7 - Pro Guitar Tricks And Tools
But hold onto your fretboard, because we’re not done! I’m packing even more knowledge into this course, because you want to be the ultimate player, right?
BONUS 1 – The Guitar Skill Accelerator - $149.00 Value
BONUS 1 – The Guitar Skill Accelerator - $149.00 Value
It’s time to crank your Guitar Skill-ometer up to 11, with exercises designed to make your fingers super-responsive and perfectly placed.

It’s the ‘guitar gym’ from the previous module, but with added creatine and laser-focused reps, guaranteed to deliver ridiculous results to your fingers in just 10 minutes per day.

I even touch on something we all encounter as guitarists – the Frustration Barrier. And I tell you how to mentally achieve results way beyond your current level.

These are the very skill accelerators I still practice to this very day. So you can legitimately say, it’s what the pros use!
Bonus 2 – 24 Badass Guitar Licks - $124.99 Value
Bonus 2 – 24 Badass Guitar Licks - $124.99 Value
Time to show off your new chops! Here, I’m showing you how to play licks inspired by the very legends you’ve been wanting to emulate.

We’ll go note-for-note with Van Halen, SRV, Gilmour, Hendrix, May and more, as your new-found playing skills are unveiled in the perfect way – by performing.
Bonus 2 – 24 Badass Guitar Licks - $124.99 Value
Bonus 3 – How To Become A Lead Guitarist - $49.99 Value
Bonus 3 – How To Become A Lead Guitarist - $49.99 Value
If you want to know what it takes to actually front a band, and be the one on stage with all that responsibility? I’ve got news for you, with the truth behind what being a lead guitarist truly means.
Bonus 4 – 10 Full Band Backing Tracks - $79.99 Value
Bonus 4 – 10 Full Band Backing Tracks - $79.99 Value
No band? No problem! I’m giving you 10 backing tracks from multiple genres, so you can find your groove and solo into the night with your increased guitar skills.
Bonus 4 – 10 Full Band Backing Tracks - $79.99 Value
With Over 1,127,679 Students From Around The World, I Can Proudly Say... We Help People Get Results!
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"I personally have found it to be perfect for someone wanting to learn all aspects of the guitar. It has a great instructor and the visual of learning the lessons is clean and modern. I feel it more clearly lays out for a possible student what to learn, how to practice, what to practice, theory and practical application. Eddie's methods of teaching are so great."
- James Polito
"Eddie is a superb and very natural tutor who has the art of connecting with the student even though it's by video. He has style: a great sense of humor, is open and honest, presents in an easy to understand way."
- Peter S Williams
"Congratulations to Eddie Haddad on what looks like the truly ultimate online guitar course... Kudos to you!"
- Michael Gizzi
On Top Of All Of Your Ultimate Guitarist Blueprint Bonuses, You Also Get...
Acess to all Live Recordings
Access To Our Private, Members-Only Facebook Community - PRICELESS
I’m giving you a private invitation to join our amazingly supportive, world-wide, member's only guitar community.

You’ll be able to ask for advice, share videos, or just join in the conversation.

I add a bunch of free bonus lessons into the group and we also run contests throughout the year where you can win some awesome prices like guitars & recording gear!

It’s a brilliant, super-supportive community. And, there’s nothing that’ll give you the motivation to practice quite like having a place where you can talk shop with other passionate guitar players!
Unlimited Email Support
Unlimited Email Support - $324.00 Value
If you ever have any questions about any of the lessons, get stuck on something, or just need something explained a little clearer, you can contact me straight from the member’s area.

You've also got a world-class support crew that work around the clock to help you with anything else you might need help with.

(This is valued at $324.00)
Unlimited Email Support
Acess to all Live Recordings
Oh, And The Best Part?...
You get LIFETIME ACCESS to the course, meaning you can go through the entire course at your own pace AND on your own schedule.

The lessons can be accessed inside your secure member's area 24/7, wherever you are in the world.

Watch these sessions on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.
Got Questions? You Need Answers…
Now, you may be thinking…
I'm a beginner / intermediate / advanced player... will this work for me?
YES! This is a complete course no matter your skill level. I’ve laid out different paths for beginner, intermediate and advanced students, so you’ll know exactly where to get started and what lesson to move to next, no matter what level you are currently at with your guitar playing.
Does this work for Acoustic Guitar?
Definitely. A lot of the lessons are demonstrated on an electric guitar, but as long as your guitar has 6 strings, you’re good to go through the entire course.
I think I’m a little old for this… will I be able to keep up?
YES! It is never too late or too early to get started.

In fact, most Guitar Mastery Method members are 50 plus, and I asked for their feedback on how they wanted me to teach this course. It’s designed to give you great results, no matter your age.
How do I get a refund if I want to?
We have a 60 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. There’s no hassle, no tedious process. Simply email us and let us know you’re not satisfied and we’ll give you your money back on the spot.
Eddie Haddad With Guitar
Have A Question?

I will be happy to answer any questions you might have, get in touch with me at the email address below and I will reply to you ASAP…

support email address
60-Days, No-Questions-Asked,
100% Money Back Guarantee
This means that you can literally sign up, go through the entire course and learn as much as you can for 60 full days and STILL ask for a refund if you’re not 100% happy. 

The bottom line is, I don’t want your money if you’re not  satisfied with your lessons.
60 day money back guarantee
Here's An Extra Taste Of What You're Getting When You Join Me Right Now…
  • Modes? Sorted. The feedback I’ve had on this portion of the course is incredible. You’re going to finally understand how and when to use modes, and make ‘em musical.
  • Nothing happens without a plan. With me by your side, you’ll have structure to your lessons so your progress isn’t only promised, it’s inevitable.
  • There’s challenges at the end of every module, so you’ll be able to chart the massive steps you’re taking towards becoming the new, ultimate version of yourself!
  • ​You’ll be panic-proof on the guitar, with precision techniques that will make your playing bulletproof. You’ll never hit a bum note or embarrass yourself again.
  • ​More importantly I'll be by your side, guiding you every single step of the way, so you'll progress with each power-packed, step-by-step video.
Desktop, Tablet and Phone access
You’re ready. It’s time to take action and become the guitarist you’ve always dreamed of being.
Taking the first step in any journey is always the hardest part. But I’ll be right there with you, teaching, encouraging, and making sure you’re right where you need to be.

So take that first step. Imagine the looks on your friends and family’s faces when you pull out a guitar at the next social gathering and utter these simple words...

“So, what do you guys want to hear…?”

That’s the ultimate. And that’s going to be YOU.

See you in the member’s area real soon!

Click that button, and let’s play some guitar.
Ultimate Guitarist Blueprint
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