Attention: Think you're too lazy to play slide guitar?... Think again!
Slide Guitar For The Lazy Guitarist
Why Are Seasoned Guitarists Terrified To Go Head-To-Head 
With John, A LAZY Middle-Aged Man, Armed With One
Powerful (Unexpected) Tool?
Why Are Seasoned Guitarists Terrified To Go Head-To-Head With John, A LAZY Middle-Aged Man, Armed With One Powerful (Unexpected) Tool?
Discover how John, a 57 year old guitar player, uses his LAZINESS to instantly
turn friends and family, into screaming fans...
Lifetime Access To Slide Guitar For The Lazy Guitarist Only $67
"Calling ALL Lazy Guitar Players!"
From: Eddie Haddad
San Diego, California

My fellow "lazy" guitarist,

You've just stumbled upon the laziest way to sound like a guitar playing bad ass...

Take it from me. I've gotten away with "lazy" playing for years n' years and I'm lucky enough to perform countless shows every year to thousands of screaming fans...

Now it's time to get you in on this SECRET.

Today we're attacking (attacking's probably the wrong word), "approaching" guitar playing the LAZY way.

And what I'm giving you is exactly what you need to know to sound like a slide guitar playing rebel.

I'm talkin' sharp-shooting, slide-slinging, straight to the point guitar playing power, now in your hands.

So you can take your lazy guitar playing self, plug in these powerful, sexy slide guitar licks and tactics, then go and impress anyone willing to listen.

And EVERYONE will be willing to listen to you now.

"But what about theory?"... You don't got time for that.

"A library of alternate tunings?"... NA-AH. No time for that either.

"What about a full adjustment and set up of my guitar?" No way buddy!

...You want some slide guitar goodness that you can play right now, yes?
Well GOOD! Cause that’s exactly what I’m giving you TODAY!
Eddie Haddad Rocking Out

The problem you face causes guitar players just like you to…
  • Feel like your fingers don’t keep up with your brain
  • Make your hands out of sync and always hit wrong strings
  • Have a lack of accuracy with finger placement on the fretboard
  • Have a difficult time stretching your fingers across the frets
  • And become frustrated when your fingers won’t work fast enough
If you, are like me. You have such a great passion for music, it fills your heart.

But the worst part is that if you’re suffering from what I just mentioned, your guitar, the one thing that is supposed to help you experience that passion on a deeper level, and be able to share it with your friends, family and fans…

Just leaves you feeling wounded and frustrated.
And when it comes time to play in front of someone, your confidence goes out the window...

Your hands shake uncontrollably, and as soon as you hit one wrong note, you’re left feeling humiliated.

But there is a solution…
Because of scientific breakthroughs and understanding of how to develop stronger links between the brain and the body...

Guitar players all around the world are using the wickedly effective process called “Rapid Muscle Programming” to...
If you’re a guitar player struggling to sync up your hands and play guitar at the level you really want, please know this…

Your lack of success isn’t because you aren’t practicing the right things.

Or because your fingers are too old or too short,
And it’s not because you’re not spending enough time practicing.
  • Feel like your fingers don’t keep up with your brain
  • Make your hands out of sync and always hit wrong strings
  • Have a lack of accuracy with finger placement on the fretboard
  • Have a difficult time stretching your fingers across the frets
  • And become frustrated when your fingers won’t work fast enough
  • ​Get increased hand stretch so you can reach down the fretboard without always having to move your hand up and down the neck
  • ​Have lightning fast finger speed & control so you can play any song & solo at full speed
  • ​Gain perfect accuracy with notes, so your chords, riffs and solos sound clean, clear & professional
  •  Develop powerful hand strength for barre chords, bends & vibrato so everything you play is effortless
  • ​Get perfect hand synchronization so you’re always fretting and picking the right string so every single note sounds great
  • ​And much, much more…
And the best part is, guitarists are using their new-found skills that Rapid Muscle Programming is giving them to:
But I’m getting ahead of myself…
Testimonial from Richard
”I have finally accomplished a goal of mine... I was selected as a lead guitarist for the worship team at my church. I'm so thankful to you.
- Richard Drumm
Testimonial from Mike
”Whatever level you are at it's going to help you, and they are available basically 24/7. Guitar Mastery Method has helped me and it will continue to...”
- Mike Sewchok
Testimonial from Harry
”Thank you Guitar Mastery Method.
Up to a couple months ago, I was only able to play a few chords...Not able to stand up and play with confidence...”
- Harry Katehis
"It's ALL About The Licks Baby"...
Slide Guitar For The Lazy Guitarist is broken up into digestible modules that you can chew up and swallow whole, right off the bat.

At Guitar Mastery Method we ALWAYS ask what our members want to play because we are here for you.

And it's super-obvious that what you want right now is practical, step-by-step, action-based guitar lessons.

You want to plug in right now and play some sexy slide guitar licks... And this is exactly what I'm giving you today!
Slide Guitar For The Lazy Guitarist
Lazy Slide Guitar 101
Lazy Slide Guitar 101
We'll cover the fundamentals of slide guitar, but in a lazy way.
A lot of slide guitar playing takes far too much effort and can rip the fun right out of it for you.

So here I show you that you don't have to tune your guitar to a million different tunings, and you don't have to adjust your guitar in any way shape or form...

You just need a slide and your good to go!
tried and true classic blues slide licks
Tried and True Classic Blues Slide Licks
What goes more hand-in-hand than blues & slide guitar? 

The answer: Nothing.

Slide guitar and blues are the perfect married couple and what I'm giving you here in this powerful session are some classic blues guitar licks that you won't wanna stop playing.

Plug these powerhouse blues guitar licks in over a backing track and boy oh boy you're sounding sooo good!
tried and true classic blues slide licks
souldful, melodic and heartfelt slide licks
Soulful, Melodic, Heartfelt Slide Licks
Nothing grabs hold of an audience's attention quite like playing a soulful, emotional piece of music.

And with the licks I'm giving you here, you'll have something to capture a crowd, silence your friends, and impress your better half.

You're gonna want to play this every time you pick up your guitar and I don't blame you... It sounds incredible.
outlaw country slide licks
Outlaw Country Slide Licks
You're a guitar playing rebel, right?

...Because if you weren't before, you certainly are now.

In this session we're gonna cover some real outlaw country licks.

Country slide licks so damn good you'll soon see your mug on a WANTED poster...

So take your bad self, pick up your 6-string, play these slick licks, and claim your title as the meanest plucker in town!
outlaw country slide licks
Plus, I'm Going To Gift You These Must Have Slide Guitar Bonuses Completely FREE!...
Get Your ‘Lazy Hands’ On These Power-Packed Bonuses
In addition to your Slide Guitar For The Lazy Guitarist membership, I've thrown in some must-have slide guitar bonuses...
10 face-slapping guitar licks
"10 Face-Slapping Slide Guitar Licks You Can Steal Right Now" -  $79.99 Value
Even though I'm giving you punchy licks that you can play right away, let's face it, you want more and more quick wins that you can steal from me and show off to your pals, right?

You'll get access to an exclusive live interactive guitar session where we walk through 10 face-slapping slide guitar licks.
Plus, you keep lifetime access to the recording of this epic slide guitar session in your member's area so you can go through this on your terms, at your own pace, as many times as you like.
3 tasty jam tracks
"3 Tasty Jam Tracks To Create Sweet Music" - $29.99 Value
Here's where your brand new slide guitar licks come to life!

You'll take everything you've just learned and put it to the test over these 3 epic backing tracks I've created for you.

You have 3 different kinds of music for each which will allow you to expand your guitar playing further by trying out all of the licks you now have in your bag of tricks.
3 tasty jam tracks
Gather round your friends and family, hit play on any one of your sweet bonus backing tracks, and prove that you are a guitar player and you sound like a pro!
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And, there’s nothing that’ll give you the motivation to practice quite like having a place where you can talk shop with other passionate guitar players!
Unlimited Email Support
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You've also got a world-class support crew that work around the clock to help you with any other thing that you might need help with. 

(This is valued at $324.00)
Unlimited Email Support
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The Best Part Is...
You get LIFETIME ACCESS to the course, meaning you can go through the entire course at your own "lazy" pace AND on your own schedule.

The lessons can be accessed inside your secure member's area 24/7, wherever you are in the world.

Watch these sessions on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.
Got Questions? You Need Answers…
Now, you may be thinking…
I'm a beginner / intermediate / advanced player... will this work for me?
The answer is HELL YES it will! I guide you, step-by-step, breaking down everything into easy to understand pieces. It doesn't matter what level you're currently at. You just need to bring your lazy self along and I'll take care of the rest.
Does this work for Acoustic Guitar?
Yep. The lessons are demonstrated on an electric guitar, but as long as your guitar has 6 strings, it doesn't matter if it's electric or acoustic, you can plug these epic slide guitar techniques in right now.
I think I’m a little old for this… will I be able to keep up? 
YES! It is never too late or too early to get started. And if you knew John, my 57 year old buddy from the west coast, you'd know that this is very easy to grasp no matter what your age.

In fact, most Guitar Mastery Method members are over 50 and I created this course from hundreds of messages of feedback just for you.
I’m really lazy, what if I can’t be bothered and want a refund?
Well, I can tell ya now that you won’t wanna put your guitar down after grabbing your Slide Guitar For The Lazy Guitarist membership, but I know how you feel. Us lazy guitar players gotta stick together, so...

Guitar Mastery Method offers a 100% risk-free Money back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the course or you’re just too lazy to give it a go, then you can simply ask for a refund through our support channel, or reply to an email we’ve sent you.

You’ve got a full 60-day period where you can still get your money back, meaning you could complete the course over 100 times… but let’s face it, we’re lazy. We’ll get through it and experience the quick and powerful wins… But not 100 plus times. pfft.
Eddie Haddad With Guitar
Have A Question?

I will be happy to answer any questions you might have, get in touch with me at the email address below and I will reply to you ASAP…

support email address
60-Days, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee
This means that you can literally sign up, go through the entire course and learn as much as you can for 60 full days and STILL ask for a refund if you’re not 100% happy. 

The bottom line is, I don’t want your money if you’re not  satisfied with your lessons.
60 day money back guarantee
Here's An Extra Taste Of What You're Getting When You Join Me Right Now...
  • The go-to, bulletproof slide that I perform with at every show without fail
  • How to instantly sync up the relationship between your fretting hand and picking hand, so you never panic about hitting the wrong strings again
  • One simple technique to stop all other strings from ringing out. Having your slide licks sounding crisp, clear, and like you know exactly what you're doing
  • The perfect slide placement for that soul-cleansing perfect pitch
  • ​More importantly I'll guide you through playing attention-grabbing slide guitar licks in different keys that you can instantly use to shake up an audience of any size.
"You really made it down this far?"
Dammit brother, maybe you're not as lazy as I am...  Well then, while I've got you here let me sum it all up by saying this:

Whether or not you want to play guitar with a buddy over a cold beer, or you want to play in a band and perform to massive crowds each week...

Or maybe you just wanna play for your own enjoyment and entertain the odd house guest from time to time...

It's ALL possible for you.

It's my mission to transform your guitar playing and take you places that you've always dreamed you could go with it.

And it doesn't matter if you're lazy or not... This IS the course I believe you need right now.

So go ahead and claim your access below and I'll see you shortly for some LAZY (but cool as hell) slide guitar playing...
Lifetime Access To Slide Guitar For The Lazy Guitarist Only $67
"I can't wait to see you slamming these powerful slide guitar licks - Stay 'Lazy' brother!"
Eddie Haddad
Eddie "World's-Laziest-Guitarist" Haddad
Guitar Mastery Method