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FINALLY Master Chicken Pickin’, Swinging Country Rhythms, And Super-Fast, Clean & Accurate Country Licks And Guitar Solos...
Master Chicken Pickin’, Swinging Country Rhythms, And Super-Fast, Clean & Accurate Country Licks 
And Guitar Solos...
Discover The Only Step-By-Step Guitar System That Guides You Through Hundreds Of Country Licks & Sweet Country Rhythms So You Can Perform In Front Of Your Friends & Family, Or Crowd Of Any Size, 
Without Spending Ridiculous Hours Practicing...
Discover The Only Step-By-Step Guitar System That Guides You Through Hundreds Of Country Licks & Sweet Country Rhythms So You Can Perform In Front Of Your Friends & Family, Or A Crowd Of Any Size, Without Spending Ridiculous Hours Practicing... 
Lifetime Access To Country Guitar Mastery - Only $197

From Guitar Instructor, Eddie Haddad,
Monday, October 14th, 2019
San Diego, California

Dear future country guitarist,

(I take it that's what you're here for?)

If you said "yes" to finally mastering all those amazing country guitar techniques that you used to think we're hard, like...

Chicken pickin', super-fast country rhythms, clean & accurate jaw-dropping country guitar solos... You've found your way to the right place!

Because what I'm showing you here today has taken me years of trial and error to get right. I've basically failed my way to where I am as a country guitarist... And that alone has allowed me to see things from a perspective that most guitarists wouldn't. 

Now combined with my passion to teach you, and to share as much of this knowledge as possible with the world...

You now have a step-by-step country guitar system in your own hands!

Take it from me, you can now become the kick-ass guitar player that you've always dreamed and I'll guide you every step of the way.
"I've learned the hard way so you no longer have to!...
Eddie Haddad Rocking Out

The problem you face causes guitar players just like you to…
  • Feel like your fingers don’t keep up with your brain
  • Make your hands out of sync and always hit wrong strings
  • Have a lack of accuracy with finger placement on the fretboard
  • Have a difficult time stretching your fingers across the frets
  • And become frustrated when your fingers won’t work fast enough
If you, are like me. You have such a great passion for music, it fills your heart.

But the worst part is that if you’re suffering from what I just mentioned, your guitar, the one thing that is supposed to help you experience that passion on a deeper level, and be able to share it with your friends, family and fans…

Just leaves you feeling wounded and frustrated.
And when it comes time to play in front of someone, your confidence goes out the window...

Your hands shake uncontrollably, and as soon as you hit one wrong note, you’re left feeling humiliated.

But there is a solution…
Because of scientific breakthroughs and understanding of how to develop stronger links between the brain and the body...

Guitar players all around the world are using the wickedly effective process called “Rapid Muscle Programming” to...
If you’re a guitar player struggling to sync up your hands and play guitar at the level you really want, please know this…

Your lack of success isn’t because you aren’t practicing the right things.

Or because your fingers are too old or too short,
And it’s not because you’re not spending enough time practicing.
  • Feel like your fingers don’t keep up with your brain
  • Make your hands out of sync and always hit wrong strings
  • Have a lack of accuracy with finger placement on the fretboard
  • Have a difficult time stretching your fingers across the frets
  • And become frustrated when your fingers won’t work fast enough
  • ​Get increased hand stretch so you can reach down the fretboard without always having to move your hand up and down the neck
  • ​Have lightning fast finger speed & control so you can play any song & solo at full speed
  • ​Gain perfect accuracy with notes, so your chords, riffs and solos sound clean, clear & professional
  •  Develop powerful hand strength for barre chords, bends & vibrato so everything you play is effortless
  • ​Get perfect hand synchronization so you’re always fretting and picking the right string so every single note sounds great
  • ​And much, much more…
And the best part is, guitarists are using their new-found skills that Rapid Muscle Programming is giving them to:
But I’m getting ahead of myself…
Introducing Country Guitar Mastery
Country Guitar Mastery is broken up into bit-sized, step-by-step, easy-to-understand pieces, so if you only have 10 minutes to jam, you will be able to make the most of your time to play and practice guitar.

It includes over 100 step-by-step, studio quality, multi-camera angle Country guitar lessons, complete with guided reference material in printable PDF format.

I keep my explanations detailed, yet simple to understand, and each one is carefully presented so you'll be playing Country like a pro, and FAST.

I’ve mapped out a clear path for the complete beginner, intermediate and advanced guitarist, so you won’t ever find yourself lacking in knowledge or feel like you need to skip to more advanced stuff.
Slide Guitar For The Lazy Guitarist
Testimonial from Richard
”I have finally accomplished a goal of mine... I was selected as a lead guitarist for the worship team at my church. I'm so thankful to you.
- Richard Drumm
Testimonial from Mike
”Whatever level you are at it's going to help you, and they are available basically 24/7. Guitar Mastery Method has helped me and it will continue to...”
- Mike Sewchok
Testimonial from Harry
”Thank you Guitar Mastery Method.
Up to a couple months ago, I was only able to play a few chords...Not able to stand up and play with confidence...”
- Harry Katehis
Country Guitar Mastery Is Cut Up Into 7 Power-Packed Modules:
Country Guitar Foundations
Country Guitar Foundations
You’re going to build a solid foundation which allows you to get the most out of the course and you’ll transform from the guitar player you are now to a kick-ass Country guitarist.

We’ll fill in any gaps that may be missing, and you’ll discover exactly how to perform the techniques that are used throughout the course
100 country licks
Must-Have Tools For Country Guitar
Must-Have Tools For Country Guitar
Here’s where we soak in the building blocks of Country Guitar.

You’ll now know the iconic chord progressions of the worlds BIGGEST country songs, and be playing all the country chords and scales. This makes it super simple to become a great rhythm guitar player.

Which also means you're 10 steps ahead of all them other guitar players out there trying to play lead guitar like the country guitar legends. 

Country Rhythm Guitar Through History
Country Rhythm Guitar Through History
What is it that really makes a country song stand out?

Sweet sounding country rhythms, that's what!

Together we’ll build our rhythm chops one piece at a time, mastering Cowboy Country Chord Progressions, Moving Bass Notes With The Chords, Southern Country Rock Rhythm, and more.

You’ll be able to drop right into country rhythms for any situation, instantly grabbing the eyes and ears of everyone watching.
Country Guitar Workout
Country Lead Guitar Through History
Country Lead Guitar Through History
Here's where we discover the tactics developed through history, giving you a full understanding of country lead over the years!

It’s one thing to play like Brad Paisley, Vince Gill, or John Denver, but it’s another to understand the secret lead tricks and tactics these guys use time and time again to blow people’s minds.
Country Guitar Theory
Country Guitar Theory
Not your typical boring guitar theory here... 

You pick things up by doing, right?

I give you “theory” that you can use right away, allowing you to play effortlessly all over the fretboard and actually make sense of every note that you’re playing, so you can instantly play country solos in any key.
Country Guitar Theory
Country Rhythm Guitar Through History
Country Guitar Workout
This could be your biggest win yet.

This is where we quickly build your country chops and gain the skill to play hundreds of notes at machine gun speed just like your favorite country guitar legends.

I’ve made this a super workout, so you can become a country guitar master with as little as 10 minutes a day.
Country Guitar Solos & Improvisation
Country Guitar Solos & Improvisation
Discover unique ways to play epic guitar solos over the chord changes.

I’ve developed a system over years of performing with country bands that’ll have you soloing in major keys, minor keys, creating your own tasty country licks... You'll sure love this one!

Country Guitar Solos & Improvisation
PLUS... I'm Going To Gift You These Must-Have Country Guitar Bonuses Completely FREE!...
"I know you wanna get your hands on these...
In addition to your Country Guitar Mastery course, I've thrown in  these must-have Country Guitar bonuses...
Country Guitar Foundations
"100 Country Licks In The Style Of The Legends" -  $124.99 Value
Whether you’re jamming with friends, writing music or playing on stage, this is where you instantly step it up a level.

I’ll break down 100 Tasty Country Licks in the style of your favorite country legends. And I give you reference material and tablature for all 100 licks.

You’re gonna love this part the most!
Gear Of The Greats
"Gear Of The Greats" - $119.99 Value
I’ll share my Nashville Studio Secret Weapons, Tried & True Pedalboard Setups and The Types Of Guitars Typically Used For Kick-Ass Country so we can truly dial in the stand out tones of the country legends. 

We’ll map out your guitar, the amps, and order of effects to have you sounding hotter than the best of the best. This is where YOUR sound really comes to life.
Gear of the greats
The country jamming toolkit
"The Country Jamming Toolkit" -  $79.99 Value
This sweet bonus will allow you to know exactly what to play with others, what you’re gonna play at the next local jam, and how to have more fun than ever when you’re playing on your own.

After all, playing guitar is about connection, and sharing your passion with other guitar players and musicians is where you’ll find something you never had before.
6 country jam tracks
"6 Country Jam Tracks" - $49.99 Value
Here's where your brand new country guitar licks come to life!

You'll take everything you've just learned test out all of your killer country licks here before you take ‘em to the crowd.

You’ll be surprised just how great you sound over the backing tracks, you can download them and play along to them anywhere.
100 country licks
With Over 334,661 Students From Around The World, I Can Proudly Say... We Help People Get Results!
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On Top Of All Of Your Country Guitar Bonuses, You Also Get...
Acess to all Live Recordings
Access To Our Private, Members-Only Facebook Community - PRICELESS
I’m giving you a private invitation to join our amazing, supportive, world-wide, member's only guitar community.

You’ll be able to ask for advice, share videos, or just join in the conversation.

I add a bunch of free bonus lessons into the group and we also run contests throughout the year where you can win some awesome prices like guitar & recording gear!

And, there’s nothing that’ll give you the motivation to practice quite like having a place where you can talk shop with other passionate guitar players!
Unlimited Email Support
Unlimited Email Support - $324.00 Value
If you ever have any questions about any of the lessons, get stuck on something or just need something explained a little clearer, you can contact me straight from the member’s area.

You've also got a world-class support crew that work around the clock to help you with any other thing that you might need help with. 

(This is valued at $324.00)
Unlimited Email Support
Acess to all Live Recordings
Oh, And The Best Part?...
You get LIFETIME ACCESS to the course, meaning you can go through the entire course at your own pace AND on your own schedule.

The lessons can be accessed inside your secure member's area 24/7, wherever you are in the world.

Watch these sessions on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.
Got Questions? You Need Answers…
Now, you may be thinking…
I'm a beginner / intermediate / advanced player... will this work for me?
YES! I’ve laid out different paths for the complete beginner, intermediate and advanced student, so you’ll know exactly where to get started and what lesson to move to next no matter what level you are currently at with your guitar playing.
Does this work for Acoustic Guitar?
Definitely. A lot of the lessons are demonstrated on an electric guitar, but we didn’t forget about the memorable acoustic country rhythms and licks. As long as your guitar has 6 strings, it doesn't matter if it's electric or acoustic, you can go through the entire course.
I think I’m a little old for this… will I be able to keep up? 
YES! It is never too late or too early to get started.

In fact, most Guitar Mastery Method members are 50 plus and I asked for their
feedback on how they wanted me to teach this course. It’s designed to give you great results, no matter your age.

How do I get a refund if I want to?
We have a 60 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. There’s no hassle, no tedious process. Simply email us and let us know you’re not satisfied and we’ll give you your money back on the spot. 
Eddie Haddad With Guitar
Have A Question?

I will be happy to answer any questions you might have, get in touch with me at the email address below and I will reply to you ASAP…

support email address
60-Days, No-Questions-Asked,
100% Money Back Guarantee
This means that you can literally sign up, go through the entire course and learn as much as you can for 60 full days and STILL ask for a refund if you’re not 100% happy. 

The bottom line is, I don’t want your money if you’re not  satisfied with your lessons.
60 day money back guarantee
Here's An Extra Taste Of What You're Getting When You Join Me Right Now...
  • How to make the shift from a honky-tonk country rhythms guy to now playing weaving chromatic runs and flying head first, into unforgettable country guitar solos.
  • How to instantly sync up the relationship between your fretting hand and picking hand, so you never panic about hitting the wrong strings again.
  • How to perfect your finger position so that you play clean & accurate country guitar licks, and solos (including chicken pickin' of course!)
  • ​How to play hundreds of notes at machine gun speed, stunning anyone watching,  just like your favorite country guitar legends.
  • ​More importantly I'll guide you every single step of the way, so you'll progress with each power-packed, step-by-step country guitar video.
Desktop, Tablet and Phone access
...Are You Finally Ready To Take Action And Become a Great Guitarist?
Just imagine, you’ve now given yourself the gift of playing insane country rhythms, mastering the picking techniques of the greats.

Having that iconic head-turning country guitar speed in your hands that’ll instantly stop anybody dead in their tracks.

Seriously think about it.

It's my mission to transform your guitar playing for the better right now.

Then I’ll see you in that member’s area in just a second

Just click that button, enter your details and lets play some Country!

Lifetime Access To Country Guitar Mastery - Only $197
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